Installation view, Kunstmuseum Winterthur 2014


7.8.2012, 10 km Tagesweg
8.8.2012, 14.8 km Tagesweg
10.8.2012, 13.2 km Tagesweg
13.8.2012, 14.2 km Tagesweg
14.8.2012, 12.1 km Tagesweg
18.8.2012, 11.9 km Tagesweg

Starlight on 35 mm film, 7 inkjet prints on Hahnemühle paper, 111×167 cm, instrument: star pencil

Sternenschrift shows seven paths travelled by Bignia Wehrli’s father in late summer 2012 over the course of his workdays making hay in Sternenberg, as recorded by a GPS device. In the winter of 2014, using a camera and a specially developed instrument — the star pencil—the artist traced these paths with the light of a star. Using long exposure, the tracks of the star imprinted themselves on the negative.

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