A project by Judith Karcheter and Bignia Wehrli

Correspondence from 01.11.2005-10.08.2008
First part: Berlin-Dresden
Second part: Berlin-Hangzhou
70 total postcards

„(...) There’s still Fabio. Once again, there’s Fabio. He called me, early in the morning, eight o’clock, though for him it’s nine in the evening. Where he is it’s still yesterday. He sat at his computer and tried to find me on the globe. (...)“

„(...) The first time I told him about you it was just in passing. We had a coffee after class and he told me about Venice, about how he slipped on some algae and fell into the water while trying to take pictures. (...)“

Fabio documents an exchange of letters that took place over three years. A dialogue of images and text arose between Judith Karcheter and Bignia Wehrli, centering on the character of Fabio. Anecdotes about Fabio, whom the two artists met in different locations, form both the starting point and the leitmotif of the correspondence. Up till the end, the question of whether Fabio refers to one person or to two different people remains open, preserving a certain tension. The artists’ home cities – Berlin and Dresden, then later Berlin and Hangzhou – provide the settings for this story, along with Paris and Buenos Aires. Over the course of time the focus shifts and new issues arise: cultures begin to collide; horizons, paths, and longings change. Each card provides a small piece of evidence of these changes.